YES Winter Enrichment starts today, Monday Dec. 3rd.

All YES Enrichment classes start this week. Please make sure to pick up on time. TK, Kinder and 1st grade students must be signed out, by parent or guardian.
There is a 5 minute grace period after class ends. Late pick up will be charged a late fee after grace period ends. Outdoor classes are subject to the weather.


  1. Science, All Grades (Room 24) 12/03/18
  2. Creative Tech, 3rd-5th Grade Only(Computer lab) 12/03/18
  3. Basketball, 2nd/3rd Grade Only 12/03/18 (Basketball Court)12/03/18, subject to weather
  4. Hip Hop Time2Dance, All Grades in the Auditorium 12/03/18


  1. Basketball, TK-1st Grade Only (Basketball Court)12/04/18,subject to weather
  2. Viridian Art, All Grades (Room 18 & 19) 12/04/18
  3. Movies by Kids, LEGO Animation, 1st-5th Grade Only (Room 24) 12/04/18


  1. Pottery, All Grades (Lunch Tables) 12/05/18
  2. Skateboarding, TK-2nd Grade Only (Small Yard) 12/05/18, subject to weather
  3. Little Medical School (CANCELLED)
  4. Baseball Clinic, TK-2nd Grade Only (Baseball field)12/05/18, subject to weather


  1. Soccer, TK-3rd Grade Only (Baseball field) 12/06/18, subject to weather
  2. Tennis, All Grades (Small Yard) 12/06/18, subject to weather
  3. Sewing, K-5th Grade Only (Room 24) 12/06/18
  4. Creative Tech, K-2nd Grade Only (Computer Lab) 12/06/18


  1. Culinary Kids Class, All Grades (Room 24) 12/07/18
  2. Chess, All Grades (Science Lab) 12/07/18
  3. Skateboarding, 3rd-5th Grade Only (Small Yard) 12/07/18, subject to weather
  4. DJ University, 3rd-5th Grade Only (Room 25) Grade Only 12/07/18