Lanai Road Elementary YES Enrichment Fall Schedule

YES Enrichment class line up beginning Tuesday, September 11th. Registration begins Monday, August 27th at 9:00 pm. Please mark your calenders because classes fill up quick. Classes are first come first serve. Each class has a grade eligibility, please verify before you enroll (no exceptions). Most classes are 8 weeks, unless otherwise noted.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no classes on school holidays or closures. Outdoor classes will be subject to the weather. If it is raining or over 95 degrees, class will be cancelled and a make up class will automatically be added to the end of the semester.


  1. Science, All Grades (Room 24) 09/17/18
  2. Creative Tech, 3rd-5th Grade Only(Computer lab) 09/17/18
  3. Basketball, 2nd/3rd Grade Only 09/17/18 (Basketball Court)(Tentative based on weather)
  4. Jedi Training, All Grades (Parent Center) 09/17/18


  1. Basketball, TK-1st Grade Only (Basketball Court)09/11/18 (Tentative based on weather)
  2. Viridian Art, All Grades (Room 18 & 19) 09/11/18
  3. Hip Hop Dance, All Grades (Auditorium) 09/11/18
  4. Movies by Kids, DC vs. Marvel, 1st-5th Grade Only (Room 24) 09/11/18


  1. Pottery, All Grades (Lunch Tables) 09/12/18
  2. Creative Tech, K-2nd Grade Only (Computer Lab) 09/12/18
  3. Skateboarding, TK-2nd Grade Only (Small Yard) 09/12/18
  4. Little Medical School, 1st-5th Grade Only (Room 24) 09/12/18


  1. Soccer, TK-3rd Grade Only (Baseball field) 09/13/18 (Tentative based on weather)
  2. Tennis, All Grades (Small Yard) 09/13/18 (Tentative based on weather)
  3. Sewing, K-5th Grade Only (Room 24) 09/13/18
  4. Lanai Theater Group 3rd-5th Grade Only, (Auditorium) 09/06/18 This class is 12 weeks long


  1. Culinary Kids Class, All Grades (Room 24) 09/14/18
  2. Chess, All Grades (Science Lab) 09/14/18
  3. Skateboarding, 3rd-5th Grade Only (Small Yard) 09/14/18 (Tentative based on weather)
  4. DJ University, 3rd-5th Grade Only (TBD) Grade Only 09/14/18